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Integrated Pest Management : What is it?

IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, is an approach that focuses on the long-term prevention of pests through the management of the ecosystem around them. Here at The Aardvark, we take the necessary steps through IPM to stop pests from becoming a problem before they’re already an issue. These steps may be as simple as caulking cracks in a building to stop pests from entering or promoting a clean work environment to deter pests from wanting to enter.

Determining Whether Pest Management is Needed

By monitoring your establishment or home, we are able to correctly identify which pests are present, how many of them there are and what potential damage they may have already caused. After we have monitored your pest situation for an appropriate amount of time we can easily determine whether or not the the pest is going to be of any threat to you. If pest control is indeed needed, our analysis always gives great insight into the most effective control methods we can use for that specific pest to provide an economical solution to your problem

When IPM is used properly, it is the most cost effective and best long-term method to manage pests by using a combination of control methods instead of using them separately and to a lesser result. These control methods are as follows:

    • Biological Control

A great first step is to implement natural predators to your pest problem. This is a natural, no chemicals needed way to help stop your pest problem.

    • Work Place Controls

These practices help to reduce pests from establishing themselves as well as reproducing and spreading to other areas

    • Physical Controls

This method may include the trapping of larger pests and transporting them to a more suitable area

    • Chemical Control

When implementing an IPM strategy, pesticides are only used when absolutely needed and in conjunction with the other 3 practices outlined above.

Creating Your Own Integrated Pest Management Program

By combining all of these practices we are able to generate a custom tailored IPM program that tailored to your exact needs. We realize that not everybody’s pest problems are the same, so why treat you like everybody else? By properly identifying the pest problem, monitoring the pest numbers, creating guidelines for management action and using a combination of the four controls The Aardvark is able to keep your home or business pest free for years to come. When you’re ready to jump on board, give us a call or drop us an email and we’d be happy to sit down and draw up your very own IPM plan today!

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