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Waking up with itchy red spots on your skin? Chances are, you likely have bed bugs. But, not to fear, The Aardvark is standing by and ready to help!

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Bed Bug Exterminator Philadelphia

Offering quick, reliable and safe bed bug treatments in Philadelphia, The Aardvark Pest Management is your premier bed bug exterminator in the area. Often times, we can fully complete your bed bug treatment in as little as 6-8 hours, meaning that while you’re at work our expertly trained staff can fully treat your home hours before bedtime.

The Aardvark is also proud to offer our thermal heating remedy that heats each room hot enough to kill all bed bugs in Philadelphia but also safe enough as to not damage any of your furniture or other belongs. Additionally, with the help of Heidi, the bed bug sniffing dog, we are able to seek out bed bugs hiding in the smallest of cracks and crevices, ensuring we exterminate all bed bugs the first time, once and for all.

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Bed Bugs Bite!

If you’ve been the victim of bed bug bites you already know how unpleasant the feeling can be. Leaving you itchy all day and feeling generally unclean about yourself and your living conditions, what are you left to do? Bed Bug Removal is the answer!

The Aardvark is the premier bed bug treatment agency in the Philadelphia area, offering numerous types of extermination available to our clients. Whether you require heat treatment or any other method, one of our expertly trained technicians would be more than happy to come to your location and give you an expert analysis on your bed bug problem or Pest Extermination in Philadelphia.

Bed Bugs Philadelphia Apartments

First introduced to the Americas by early colonists, bed bugs in Philadelphia have been a biting problem to a good night’s sleep for hundreds of years. If you’re living in an older apartment building, you may be rightly concerned about bed bugs and what that may mean for your family.

Many of the apartment buildings in Philadelphia are old and are getting older, meaning it is becoming easier and easier for bugs to call your living quarters home, including bed bugs. If you and other tenants believe there is a bed bug infestation already in progress in your building it is imperative you call a professional immediately. The Aardvark is happy to assess your bed bug problem in Philadelphia for no charge, and go over a custom treatment plan that will solve your bed bug issue once and for all.

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Integrated Pest Management

Because The Aardvark implements Integrated Pest Management into all of our procedures and treatments we are able to eliminate most bed bug problems before they actually become a problem. We implement a combination of common sense practices that when used together form proactive measures that work together to stop bed bugs and aid with Hornet Removal in Philadelphia from entering your building or home in the first place, eliminating the problem before it happens and leaving our clients with great peace of mind.

Below, you can find the 4 steps of our IPM program:

    • Action Thresholds

Before any of our technicians take any action regarding bed bug removal, we first work to monitor and identify any bed bugs that are active in your building or home. We also work with you to accurately identify any new or existing bed bugs and their populations to determine if there is a need for extermination.

    • Monitoring of Bed Bugs

When we have worked with you to set a threshold for the bed bugs in question, we go a step further and continue to work with you, our customers, to monitor and identify any new bed bugs that may have entered your residence.

    • Bed Bug Prevention

The first line of attack for bed bug extermination begins with prevention. By working with our clients to generate preventative barriers from entry and stopping new pests from entering, we are able to eliminate bed bug extermination problems before they begin.

    • Bed Bug Control

The final step of integrated bed bug management entails the evaluation of the proper control method needed to solve your bed bug extermination problem. Only after we have fully monitored, identified and used preventative measures against bed bugs, we decide on the best act of control that suits you.

Bed Bugs Tenant Rights

If you are a tenant struggling with bed bug infestation, it is important to know your rights as a renter. If the problem was preexisting, your landlord is likely liable for the cost of treatment in addition to any damages that may have occurred on your part. If you believe you are a victim to a bed bug infestation, gives us a call today at The Aardvark and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote and full analysis of your bed bug infestation problem.

Successfully eradicating bed bugs from your home can be a daunting task and it often takes a professional’s touch to fully eliminate them. However, if you’re willing to give it a shot of your own, we here at The Aardvark Pest Management have put together this comprehensive guide on how to remove bed bugs once and for all!

Where to Start

First and foremost, you need to fully determine the presence of bed bugs. If you don’t know how, we have a guide to bed bug inspection and detection that will help you identify any bed bugs. Next, if you have any sort of hunch that you have bed bugs it is important that nothing leaves the room without treatment or inspection. It is very easy for a bed bug to be attached to anything in the room and by removing that item you could possibly contaminate another room of your home.


Begin at your bed and work outwards. Remember, bed bugs can get into the tiniest of nooks. Thoroughly check the seems of your mattress and box spring and also dismantle the bed frame and headboard. If any bed bugs are present, vacuuming is a good way to remove the accessible bed bugs from the area. Also, don’t forget to check behind light switch and outlet covers. These bugs really can get anywhere and its important to check everywhere to ensure a complete removal of the pest. Another hiding spot to check would be behind baseboards, even though it takes a bit of extra work it is well worth the extra effort to have a peace of mind.

Even if you don’t find anything, it is a good idea to bag items and treat them with heat if possible. This ensures that every step has been taken to eliminate the bed bug problem, even if you haven’t seen any. If items have been found that are chosen to be disposed of, wrap them in plastic and throw them in the garbage. Make sure that these items chosen for disposal are not sent to recycling centers as it is possible for the bed bugs to survive and contaminate that facility, allowing for a wider spread of the pest.

Bed Bug Treatment Methods

Some of the treatment options we offer our clients for their bed bugs are as follows:

  • Traditional Insecticides
  • Thermal Dry Heat
  • Steam Treatment
  • Vacuuming
  • Discarding Infested Items
  • Box Spring & Mattresses Remediation
  • Containerized Heat
  • Freezing with Dry Ice
  • Containerized Fumigation

Traditional Insecticides

Best for application on flat surfaces, liquid sprays work well on carpet edges, baseboards, beds, couches and other upholstered furniture. We also used pressurized aerosols that get deep into cracks and crevices to wipe out the bed bugs. Dusts are long lasting and safe around electrical outlets and are best implemented inside wall voids, furniture legs and under bed platforms.

Thermal Dry Heat

Our heating process kills bed bugs at a core temperature of 113 degrees for 15 minutes. This heating process ensures that all bed bugs in the area are completely wiped out. We offer heat treatment services in four ways:

  • Structure Heat Treatment
  • Localized Heat Treatment
  • Steam Treatment
  • Containerized or Truck Heat Treatment


Structure heat treatment is the only process which kills all stages of a bed bug in one day. We simply elevate the air temperature of a structure or the area of a structure to a level which is lethal to bed bugs. Additionally, this approach is a non-chemical and non-toxic way to kill bed bugs within 24 hours, leaving your house almost immediately liveable with no worries of chemical contamination.

Steam Treatment for Bed Bugs

Within a short period of time steam kills bed bugs and their eggs without leaving any chemical residues. Our technician simply moves the nozzle of the steam wand over the bed bugs in a slow fashion and the bed bugs are cooked to a lethal temperature. Steam can be used to treat almost any surface area where bed bugs are found or even just suspected. However, it is is recommended to avoid treated finished wood surfaces or delicate items that could be damaged by the high temperatures of the steam


Vacuuming has proven to be an effective way to remove bed bugs and the dirt that provides them their essential shelter. You should vacuum your furniture, bed frame, floor and base boards and wherever else you found bed bugs. If you chose to remove any items from your home during your removal process you should make sure to mark each item or destroy the item so that it won’t be used by anyone else, alleviating the spread of bed bugs to foreign places.

Spot Freezing Treatment

With our spot freezing service, pressurized CO2 is released and deposited onto the infected surfaces. Looking just like snow, the carbon dioxide comes out at a temperature of -108 degrees and kills bed bugs by rapidly freezing them to temperatures ranging from -4 to -22 degrees.

Bed Bug Fumigation

While the fumigation of bed bugs works well on furniture, clothing and other personal items and can kill bed bugs of all stages, it does not prevent against re-infestation. Fumigation of an entire building is also equally as effective, but also does not prevent against re-infestation and also poses the logistical headache.

Ready to Call the Experts?

We hope this article has given you a good understanding of the amount of work it takes to fully kill off bed bugs in your home. If you think you’re in a bit over your head, feel free to give us a call today and one of our live representatives will be glad to set you up with an appointment to a bed bug free home today! Remember, when The Aardvark is on patrol, mother nature is at work!

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