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Meet Heidi: The Bed Bug Sniffing Dog!

Have you been noticing little bite marks on your skin? Feeling a bit itchy lately? Chances are, you might have bed bugs!

Heidi, the Specially Trained Bed Bug Sniffer

Trained in Florida by an expert in bed bugs, Heidi is a dog who’s specialty is to seek out bed bugs in your home. What makes her so special is her ability to pin point exactly where the pests are, confirming their existence without having to use pesticides based on a hunch. After she has found their location, a simple heat treatment is all it takes to eradicate the bugs, leaving your home free of the pests once again. What’s more interesting about Heidi is her distinct ability to sniff out only live bugs or their viable eggs, there’s no fooling her!

What Makes Heidi Special

Not only is Heidi a cute, loveable dog, but her ability to sniff out bed bugs just can’t be beat by anything else. Because she is able to sniff out exactly where the bugs are, there is no need to blindly apply heat treatments or even pesticides in hopes of eliminating the pests. This ensures that your pest problem is dealt with immediately AND completely, ensuring that once the bed bugs are gone they aren’t coming back, allowing you to get a good night’s rest once again.


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