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Sometimes, at first, you do not realize that you need a pest management specialist. Your house, or a new house, has a few cobwebs too many, but a spring clean can easily deal with that problem, right? Not for the Trost family in Weldon Spring, Missouri, who soon discovered the cobwebs were fresh and belonged to 6,000 venomous brown recluse spiders. This lead, eventually, to some pretty extreme spider extermination methods – covering the house in a tent and pumping in freezing gas. Any house, new or old, can become the site of a spider infestation given the right conditions.

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The Trost experience is an extreme example of spider infestations. These happen when the right conditions present themselves; typically in spring or the fall, when spider are at their most active. In the fall, male spiders are looking for mates and will expand their territories, while year round, when active, spiders go where the food is. Having a large number of arachnids in or around the house means you probably have an underlying insect infestation too.

Do I Have a Spider Infestation?

The sudden or gradual development of cobwebs all over the house is a classic sign of a spider infestation. If you are moving into a new house, this may be an accumulation over time that can be cleaned away; especially if the house has been vacant for a while. Spiders are not restricted to cobwebs. Some make orb shaped webs, others make funnel webs, still more hide in tunnels, cracks in walls, and crevices. Having spiders join you in the shower, in the bedroom or kitchen can be a sign of a problem. Spider bites can be irritating at best, but as some species are poisonous, can lead to worse problems. Pay close attention to the bite mark and see a physician if you’re worried.

Common Pennsylvania Spiders

There are 39 recognized species of spider in Pennsylvania. These arachnids do not recognise artificial human boundaries, so spill over from other states and regularly change their territorial patterns. These spiders range from the common house spider to the southern black widow spider via the Carolina wolf spider. In terms of spiders in Philadelphia, it is possible to find any of these species and others which might have arrived in transported goods like bananas. Most are harmless in small numbers, but an infestation can lead to a house, like the Trosts’ becoming uninhabitable. A small number of spiders, such as the brown recluse, are poisonous. If you are unsure about what kind of spider your house is now home to, speak to spider management expert, who will be able to identify the creature and remove it.

Spider Infestation Management

There are some simple fixes you can do around the house if you have a small number of spiders – half a dozen or so. These include ensuring your home is always clean and tidy. Spiders in Philadelphia love uncovered food because this attracts flies and ants. Fill in cracks in your walls, windows and doors, and keep plants away from the house perimeter.

Call an Exterminator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

These tricks work for small numbers of spiders, but if you have an infestation, even if it is a few more than a few, then they could be the tip of the iceberg. We are not just talking about hidden spiders, but the whole food chain. Spiders tend to go where the food is, so dozens, hundreds or thousands of spiders will be feeding on huge numbers of flies, ants, woodlice and other insects. This is why you will require a Pennsylvania spider exterminator to deal with the problem.

Frankford based, Aardvark pest management take an integrated spider management approach to the issue, one that minimizes the use of poisonous gasses (such as those used on the Trost house in Missouri) and maximizes an approach that will fix the problem for good. This spider extermination method includes identifying the causes of the issue as well as killing the arachnids themselves. Our friendly and highly qualified technicians will first evaluate the problem and then will begin the spider eradication process. Call us for a consultation, so you can start making your home your own again.