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Rat Exterminator Trenton NJ

Of all the household or business pests, a rat is definitely one of the worst to find. A single ant or wasp won’t cause you too much distress, but even a single rat can be a major problem. One rat can make you feel scared and uncomfortable in your own home or business: a whole rat nest could spell disaster. Rats effect people all across Trenton, from Hiltonia to Franklin Park. Call a Rat Exterminator New Jersey before it is too late.

Rats cause a lot of household damage, burrowing through walls, chewing furniture and appliances, and leaving holes in the floorboards. They are unsanitary, have a strong musky odor, and leave droppings and urine patches all over your home. They can infest entire buildings, causing problems for landlords and their tenants, who find themselves dealing with unsanitary conditions. Over time, gnawing rats can cause significant structural damage to a building.

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In a business, rats are a serious threat to your livelihood. They can damage property, stock, and supplies, cause fires by gnawing through cables, and contaminate food sources. They carry many serious diseases which can be caught through exposure to their feces and urine, or through direct contact such as a scratch or bite. Having rats in your premises is a sign that it contravenes health regulations and may require an inspection by the authorities. If rat problems get too big for a Rat Exterminator New Jersey to deal with simply and quickly, you may have to shut down your business temporarily or permanently. So rodents arent just a minor irritation  they can lose you customers and money.

Whether it is your home or business that is affected, a rat nest needs to be dealt with quickly. Call a professional Rat Exterminator Trenton NJ today before the problem gets any worse.

Brown rats

These rodents are the largest and most common of rats, and are also known as Sewer rats, Street rats, or the Norway rat. They can grow up to 20 inches, including their naked scaly tails, and weigh over 300 grams. Although called Brown rats, they can have fur in any shade from brown to grey. They are excellent swimmers and burrowers, but unlike house mice or black rats, are not good climbers. For this reason they will usually enter a property at ground level, or burrow up through the floor.

Brown rats breed quickly and often. Females can have more than fifty young in a single year, who mature to breeding age in two months. The speed at which they can reproduce means that a large infestation can quickly form. Get a Rat Exterminator Trenton NJ in as soon as possible before the problem can get any more severe.

Rat infestation New Jersey

Rats are a highly adaptable species, and have made their homes wherever humans have dwelt across the world. Their ability to burrow, and their strong teeth that can even chew through concrete, enable them to invade our homes and businesses and create rat nests and tunnels. Rats are social animals, so if you see one, there are likely at least several more lurking nearby.

You can spot a rat infestation in several ways. Rodents are attracted by food waste, garbage bags, and secluded places to make their nests. If you notice bite marks or damage to food, storage containers, bins, walls or floorboards, it is worth looking for more signs of a rat infestation, or calling a Rat Exterminator Trenton NJ. Look for piles of debris and wood shavings by walls and any small holes, such as those for water pipes or thick electric cables.

While rodents can be active during the day time, most of their activity is at night, so this may explain any strange noises you have been hearing in the evenings. If you spot one or more signs of a rat nest, or a live rat or dead rat, call a Rat Exterminator New Jersey in order to assess the scale of your rat infestation.

Dealing with a rat infestation Trenton NJ

Once a Rat Exterminator Trenton NJ has identified the scale of the problem, they will be able to find the most effective method of removing the rats from your property. They will do so with minimal disruption to your family life or the running of your business, and the safety of anyone in the property, from family members to customers.

There are several ways a Rat Exterminator New Jersey can deal with a rat nest. Live trapping may be suitable for some infestations, and allows for the safe removal of the rodents, who can be released into a safe place, far away from homes and businesses that they could threaten.

For larger scale infestations, poison might be the best option. However it is not suitable in homes with children or pets, who are more susceptible to the effects of it than adults. Whatever method is chosen, a Rat Exterminator New Jersey will ensure that all the rodents and their nests are fully removed from your property.

Rat Exterminator Trenton NJ

At The Aardvark Pest Management, we have more than twenty years of experience dealing with pest infestations all across Trenton NJ. We are fully trained and licensed to operate in Trenton, and employ staff who are trained and certified to a high standard. We will visit your home or business in Trenton and assess your problem, then apply the most effective solution to ensure you are rodent free.