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Rat Exterminator Bensalem PA

No one wants to find a rat in their home or business. Brown rats are the most common species of rat, found all across the township of Bensalem, from Oakford to Andalusia. They are also the largest, measuring up to ten inches with a tail the same length as their body. These large rodents can cause havoc, and can often make a person’s home uninhabitable. Many people would rather leave their home than share it with rats. They can spoil food, disrupt garbage, chew furniture, and spread disease. A rat nest in your property can cause serious damage, and so it is important that the problem is addressed by a professional Rat Exterminator Pennsylvania as soon as possible. This is especially true in confined business areas, such as Neshaminy Mall, where rats in one shop could easily spread throughout many premises.

Rats in the home pose a threat to families, children, and even pets. They can cause a lot of disruption, seriously damage the structure of the building, and leave droppings and urine that spread diseases. For your business, rats prove a risk to your employees and customers. Rats in your kitchen, grocery store, bakery, or café can cause severe health risks that could mean your business is breaking regulations. Rodent infestations attract bad press and put customers off – both serious consequences for your business. It is no exaggeration to say that these rodents can cause a business to shut down entirely if the problem isn’t identified soon enough and a Rat Exterminator Pennsylvania is not called in.

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Identifying a rat infestation

Rat infestations can be detected through a number of different clues that they leave behind. Other than actually seeing a rat in your property, you can look for signs of where they have been. Rats will leave droppings, and in dusty places there will be tracks, and there can occasionally be greasy marks on surfaces. Rats are also notorious for chewing on all kinds of things, including wood, plastic, and even concrete. You may find bite marks and piles of debris next to chewed areas.

Rats are nocturnal, so you might hear scuffling and burrowing sounds at night. Rats prefer to stay out of sight most of the time, and with their sharp teeth are more than capable of gnawing through flooring and walls. They also like to burrow, so if you find holes in your floorboards, it is worth lifting them up to check for signs of rat activity underneath. If you find any of these clues, you should call a Rat Exterminator Pennsylvania, who will be able to visit the site and confirm if you do have a rat infestation.

Rat Exterminator Bensalem PA

If you discover a rat nest, you will want the rat infestation to be removed as soon as possible. Rats are notorious breeders, with females able to have up to five litters of around ten young per year, so a small rat nest can grow into a large infestation in a short period of time. Unless you want your home or business to be overrun with rats, you will need a Rat Exterminator Bensalem PA to come and deal with the problem.

With over two decades of experience dealing with pests of all kinds, The Aardvark Pest Management are experienced and fully licensed to handle your rat infestation. Our staff are trained to our very exacting standards. Even if you are not certain that you have a rat infestation, we can come and assess your premise in Bensalem and check whether you have a problem. Once we have assessed the scale of your infestation, we will be able to discuss the best method of dealing with your rat nest.

Rat extermination methods

There are many ways a Rat Exterminator Bensalem PA can deal with a rat infestation. Baited traps can be used to humanely capture rats without harming them, allowing them to be released in a place where they won’t be able to damage people’s homes or businesses. Poison is one of the most effective ways of dealing with a rat infestation, although this is not suitable if you are one of the 20,000 plus homes in Bensalem with children or pets in your home.

There are also methods of deterring rats from entering the property in the first place, including electronic devices that emit an irritating frequency only rodents can hear. Once your situation has been assessed, a Rat Exterminator Pennsylvania will be able to decide on the appropriate method of dealing with the rat nest.

Preventing a rat infestation

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure. It is much easier to take steps to ensure that your property is not accessible or appealing to rodents, than it is to remove a rat nest once it has been established. As well as operating Rat Exterminator Pennsylvania services, The Aardvark Pest Management can provide integrated pest management services, which will help you to prevent rats from entering your property to begin with. It is useful for people who believe their property is at risk and want to avoid the worst happening, as well as for those who have already had a rat infestation and want to ensure that more rats can’t return.

We assess your property and highlight areas that could be tempting rats and making it the perfect environment for them. The pest management plan will include steps such as filling in any holes and cracks in the floor and walls which could be providing entry points for rodents, and keeping food in sealed containers to reduce the tempting smells that attract rats. Following this plan will allow you to have a rat free home, and avoid the need to call in a Rat Exterminator Bensalem PA in the future.