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To many, their home is the largest investment of their lifetime. But, if you own a business, odds are you know how essential pest control is to protect not only your investment, but also your livelihood.


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Commercial & Office Pest Management

Whether your goal is to build a positive reputation of cleanliness in your new restaurant or you simply want a clean, pest free office for your employees and clients to flourish in, The Aardvark is here to help you make that happen. Pests or rodents in your workplace can affect the way your customers view not only you, but your company as a whole. Don’t leave your reputation out on the line to dry, get in touch with our specialized pest management team today and let us craft a custom tailored pest removal plan for you today.

The Aardvark : Pest Management Specialists

We specialize in all types of pest control, ranging from rodent removal to insect eradication. Additionally, we have firm roots in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This allows us to tackle your problem from all directions, starting with the easiest, most environmentally friendly, and most affordable plans of attack first.office

Preventive Pest Management for Property Managers

As a property manager, you’re likely looking for the best possible service at the most affordable rate. Aardvark Pest Management takes great pride in building meaningful relationships with our clients and customers that the large chain operations just can’t beat. We’ve helped set the industry standard for nearly two decades, staying on top of the latest industry developments for property management. This translates into an offered service that provides quality results that exceed your highest standards.