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Mouse Exterminator Trenton NJ

Mice are a common household pest in Trenton, and make your home feel unclean and uncomfortable. Finding rodent droppings on your kitchen table or work surface is unpleasant, and your furniture and appliances can be damaged by chewing. The last thing you want is to feel uneasy or worried in your own home. If you suspect there is a mouse nest in your home, call a Mouse Exterminator Trenton NJ.

Rodents can also be a major headache for businesses. Mice chew through cables, potentially making the whole premises a fire or electrocution hazard. Mice live in unsanitary conditions and can carry human diseases, making your workplace unsafe and hazardous for employees and members of the general public. This is especially concerning if you run a bar, restaurant, bakery or grocery store, as a mouse infestation can land you in serious trouble with the law, and require your business to be shut down. Therefore it is vital that you call a Mouse Exterminator New Jersey if you spot any signs of infestation.

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Signs of a mouse infestation

Mice will leave plenty of signs of their presence in your property, which are easy to spot if you know what to look for. Droppings and tracks will mark areas that mice frequently visit in your home, while bite marks on chewable items such as cloth or paper suggest a mouse nest is being built. They may also chew on furniture and plastic, as well as food that is left out. Mice also have a distinct musky smell, so if you notice strong odors coming from areas of your home, this could indicate mice are nesting. They choose to nest in corners and other out of the way places, such as behind furniture or stacks of boxes. Check areas like these regularly for signs of rodent activities.

House Mice

These are the most common type of mouse and despite their name they do live in the wild as well. They are small, no more than 15 centimeters long, with brown or grey fur and a long, naked tail. Being so small allows them to easily enter your property through tiny holes and cracks. They even enter through doors and windows that are left open. They are very good climbers, so can gain entry even through gaps and openings that are high up.

These rodents can multiply very quickly. If conditions are favorable  for example, there is an ample food source and they have somewhere safe to build their mouse nest – they can breed all year round. Females take three weeks to gestate, and their litters of four to eight young reach maturity within two months. A small mouse nest in your home can quickly become a much larger problem, and cause a lot of damage to your property. It is important to call a Mouse Exterminator New Jersey to get the problem sorted as soon as you notice signs of a mouse nest or mouse infestation.

Dealing with a mouse infestation

There are several ways a Mouse Exterminator New Jersey will deal with a mouse nest. From trapping and releasing into the wild to placing down mouse poison, a Mouse Exterminator New Jersey has a variety of options for dealing with a rodent problem. The method they end up using will depend upon many factors.

The first thing we do when you call The Aardvark Pest Management is to visit your home or business and assess the extent of the infestation. This could influence the methods we can use to get rid of the problem. Another factor is whether or not you have small children or pets, as poisons could pose a risk to them, something that caused problems for this Jersey Elementary School when it came to dealing its mouse problem.

However we get rid of your mouse infestation, we will always put the safety of you and your loved ones first. After all, keeping people safe is the biggest reason why you called a Mouse Exterminator Trenton New Jersey in the first place.

Professional Mouse Exterminator Trenton New Jersey

We have more than two decades of experience when it comes to dealing with pest extermination, removal, and management. We are fully licensed and insured to provide all kinds of services related to pest control, including sending a Mouse Exterminator New Jersey to your home or business, and our staff have to meet strict criteria with regards to qualifications and training.

As well as pest extermination services, we also offer integrated pest management to help you keep your business or home pest free in future. This involves looking for potential points of entry and assessing other risk factors which could increase your likelihood of getting an infestation. We then provide you will a plan that will allow you to protect your property from troublesome invaders in the future.

To hire a Mouse Exterminator Trenton New Jersey, or discuss integrated pest management, get in touch with us today.