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Mouse Exterminator Philadelphia PA

Mice can cause a lot of damage to a home or to a business premises. These rodents gnaw and burrow their way through walls, furniture, and even cables. If mice are left undisturbed they can cause serious safety issues within a home or business, particularly the risk of shock or fire from broken cables. Mice can cause businesses a lot of problems, including a loss of customers and a lot of bad press: exactly what happened to this McDonald’s in West Oak Lane, Philadelphia.

If you think you have a mouse problem, call a Mouse Exterminator Philadelphia PA today. The Aardvark Pest Management can help you not only to remove a mouse infestation from your home, but also to take preventative measures to ensure mice can’t settle in your property to begin with.

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House mice

The most commonly found species of mouse in the world, house mice are small rodents belonging to the Muridae family. They are around 15cm long, weighing up to 28 grams, with grey or brown fur. They have a pointed muzzle and large, round ears.

These mice are omnivorous, so will eat all kinds of food scraps, leading to a risk of contamination. They live in unsanitary conditions, and can carry human diseases including spotted fever, making these pests a health hazard as well as a nuisance. Philadelphia may have a bit of a reputation for being unclean, having been rated as America’s second dirtiest city in 2011, but rodents nest in clean homes too. They create their nests from chewable materials, such as paper or clothes, and like to be in areas that are not disturbed, such as behind stacks of boxes, or in walls.

House mice can breed all year long in favorable conditions, with females gestating for three weeks and producing litters of between four and eight young. The young mature in two months, so a small mouse problem can quickly become a full scale infestation in a short period of time, causing massive damage to your property. If you think you have an infestation you should call in a Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania as soon as possible.

Identifying a mouse infestation

There are several signs of a mouse infestation, and if you notice any of these it is time to call in a Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania. House mice are well known for their musky odor, so strong smells coming from areas of your home could be a clear sign of an infestation. They also often leave tracks and small mouse droppings. If you notice that furniture or plastic has been gnawed, this is again a strong indicator that mice have taken up residence in your home.

Being small allows these rodents to gain access to homes and buildings that larger pests cannot. Finding a mouse in your home or business, even if only once, shows that there is a point of entry somewhere on the property. Areas in the Old City could be particularly at risk, as old buildings are more likely to have holes and cracks. You dont have to be sure you have a mouse infestation to call in a Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania. If you are concerned, or have spotted any signs, let The Aardvark know, and we can visit you and asses your problem.

How will a Mouse Exterminator Philadelphia PA remove a mouse infestation?

There are several different ways of clearing a mouse infestation from your home. Trapping is the kindest and cleanest method of removing mice from a property, and involves non-lethal baited traps that lure mice in and capture them. It is best for small scale problems, otherwise a lot of traps or a long period of time would be needed to ensure all the rodents have been removed. You can also get electronic devices which deter mice from entering your property to begin with. These emit a frequency that only the rodent can hear, irritating them enough to force them to leave.

One of the most effective ways of removing mice from your home is with poison pellets. The pellets are strategically placed throughout the home, where the mice will find them and bring them back to the nest. This is not advised if you have pets or small children, so is best left to a professional Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania.

Professional Mouse Exterminator Philadelphia PA

The Aardvark Pest Management is a professional Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania, employing highly trained staff who are experienced in dealing with all kinds of household pests and infestations. Once we’ve examined your property and diagnosed your problem, we can put together a solution that will remove the mice from your home. We also create a plan to keep mice away from your property, identifying points of entry and other factors that may be attracting mice.

Mouse extermination pet safe

We know you may have concerns about how the extermination process may affect your pet. We work with you to choose the right method of extermination that will keep your family and pets safe, whilst still dealing with the problem. We take all the factors into account when planning mouse extermination in Philadelphia, and keeping you and your loved ones safe is always our top priority.

Integrated Pest Management for mice

The most effective way of dealing with a mouse infestation is to prevent it happening in the first place. Calling in a Mouse Exterminator Philadelphia PA will get rid of mouse infestations, but there are many steps you can take which will deter or prevent mice from accessing your home or business in the first place. These include filling in and obstructing any possible points of entry, and removing any nesting materials or food scraps that could tempt mice to make your home their own. We can assess your property and create a detailed Integrated Pest Management program that, when followed, will keep your home free from mice infestations. Whether you want to take preventative steps, or ensure a removed infestation can’t return, talk to us today about Integrated Pest Management.