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Small and wingless, fleas are covered with tiny spines and have mouths that can pierce the skin of both animals and humans, leaving us itchy and irritated. Fleas survive by absorbing blood from its host, giving them the essential nutrients they need to survive and live long, prosperous lives.

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Flea Extermination Bensalem PA

For over twenty years, The Aardvark Pest Management has been the premier flea exterminator in the Bensalem Pennsylvania area. With this experience, Marty and his team of expert flea exterminators are able to effectively identify, monitor, and control your flea extermination problem and also help prevent another infestation from happening in the future.

Not only does the team at The Aardvark Pest Management work to eliminate your flea problem, but they also implement Integrated Pest Management to stop other pests from becoming a problem in your home or place of business. By doing so, you can rest assured that your flea extermination problem has been dealt with properly the first time, leaving you with the peace of mind knowing that you will not have to worry about future infestations.

Flea Exterminator Prices

The Aardvark Pest Management is proud to offer the most competitive flea exterminator prices in the area. No matter how large or small your flea infestation is, our professionally trained technicians have the required skills to eradicate the pests from your home completely. Additionally, we work directly with you to create preventive barriers that stop the pests from ever returning, leaving you with the relief knowing that your home is once again clean and free of fleas.

Flea Exterminator Near Me in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

If you are struggling to find a dependable and professional flea exterminator in the Bensalem, PA, area you have come to the right place. Comprised of expertly trained and state licensed technicians, The Aardvark Pest Management has the skills and the know-how to tackle your flea exterminator problems once and for all. Whether Sparky has been itchy or the fleas have spread to your bedroom, don’t hesitate to give us a call; one of our friendly servicemen would be happy to discuss your flea extermination options with you today!

Integrated Pest Management

The Aardvark Pest Management is proud to implement Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, into our procedures to help prevent flea infestations from becoming a problem in the first place. By implementing a combination of common sense practices used with proactive methods of prevention, our professional technicians are able to stop fleas dead in their tracks, leaving Fido happy and itch-free.

The Aardvark’s IPM Program is broken down into 4 steps:

    • Set Action Thresholds

Before any action is taken that may involve the removal of pests, our expertly trained technicians will work directly with you, the customer, to identify any pests that are present in your home or office. Then, after pests have been identified, we continue to work with you to determine how large the population of that pest must be before any further action is required.

    • Monitor Pests

The next step of our IPM program involves monitoring pests and keeping an eye on their population level. Additionally, we also look for and seek out any new pests that may have entered the premises.

    • Pest Prevention

After one of our professional technicians has monitored your pest problems, we begin to enact preventative measures around your home or workplace to ensure that once the pest at hand is dealt with, there are no ways for it to return.

    • Pest Control

The last part of The Aardvark’s Integrated Pest Management program involves the evaluation of the proper control method needed to remedy your pest management problem. Depending on your own specific needs, one of your qualified technicians will decide on the best application method that will fully eradicate your pest problem.