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The Aardvark Pest Management is built on Integrated Pest Management and is driven by customer service.

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Exterminator Bensalem

With over two decades of experience, Marty and the crew at The Aardvark Pest Management are fully qualified and state licensed to help you deal with any exterminator needs in the Bensalem area. Whether the problem you are having is a result of bed bugs, mice, rats or wasps, The Aardvark has you covered.

If you’re ready to have your exterminator needs taken care of today, pick up the phone today and one of our expert exterminators will be more than happy to come to your location and help you devise the best plan of attack for your pest control problem.

Bed Bug Exterminator in Bensalem

The Aardvark is proud to be the premier choice for bed bug extermination in the Bensalem area. With over two decades of experience we are able to tackle any bed bug infestation and provide the best extermination plan available to eliminate the pests from your home.

If you’ve ever been the victim of bed bug bites you already know how unpleasant the entire ordeal can be. As the premier bed bug exterminator in the Bensalem, Pennsylvania area, The Aardvark is proud to offer numerous extermination options for bed bugs including thermal heat treatments and powders. Additionally, with the help of our bed bug sniffing dog Heidi, we are able to seek out and destroy bed bugs in the smallest of spaces, ensuring that your problem has been solved once and for all.

Integrated Pest Management

Over the past two decades, The Aardvark has developed and implemented one of the best Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs available today. IPM, which is an environmentally sensitive approach to dealing with the extermination of pests, is designed to work with the customer to identify, prevent and exterminate whatever type of pests they are having problems with.

Our Integrated Pest Management Program is broken down into 4 steps:

    • Action Thresholds

Before any of our servicemen take any measures to control a pest population we first work with you, our customer, to identify any pests that may be present in your home. After the pests have been properly identified we work to set up an action threshold for the identified pest population.

    • Pest Monitoring

After a threshold has been set for a given pest population one of our expert technicians will work with you to identify any new pests (if any) that may have entered your home. Through this monitoring we are able to accurately determine if there is a an actually pest control problem that needs to be deal with.

    • Pest Prevention

Before any measures are taken to control a pest population, we first work with you to prevent the pests from reentering home. This step is extremely important because as much as we would love to take care of your pest problem every month, without proper defense barriers the pest will continue to enter your home. Through proper prevention measures we are able to stop the pests before they enter, eliminating future problems and reducing the need for our technicians to apply treatments to your home.

    • Pest Control

The final step of our IPM program involves one of our skilled technicians devising the proper application and control method for the pest that is causing you problems. Only after the technician has fully monitored, identified and implement preventive measures against the pest will any extermination practices be used to exterminate the pest from your home.

Mice and Rat Extermination

Rats & Mice are very wary of any new changes to their environment, including traps and bait. Because of these tendencies, they like to hang out in attics, walls and other hard to reach places. Not only can these rodents leave messes that require extensive cleaning, mice and rats can also spread deadly disease that can put your family at risk.

If you believe you have a mouse or rat problem, feel free to give the Aardvark a call today and a qualified serviceman will be gladly discuss the best plan to exterminate the mice or rats that are calling your house home.