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Boxelder Bug Removal in Philadelphia PA

During the fall months boxelder bugs seem to be the biggest pest of all. Constantly crawling in through doors, windows, and other nooks & crannies these red and black pests are often harmless but an annoyance none the less. If you are in need of help with boxelder bug removal in Philadelphia simply give us a call or use the contact form below and a friendly representative will be in touch shortly!

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Boxelder bugs in Philadelphia look to seek shelter during the fall as winter approaches and sometimes even come out during the winter if the warmth from the sun is strong. Then, when spring comes, they will emerge to seek trees in which to feed and lay their eggs.

Removing boxelder bugs first begins with prevention. Start by sealing cracks, fixing screens and keeping doors closed to stop them from entering. If these pests are still a problem, professional help is often needed. All of our expertly trained technicians also know which types of pesticides and insecticides to use for different types of boxelder bug problems.

How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Once boxelder bugs in Philadelphia have become established in your home or office they can be quite the challenge to remove. Even after a chemical treatment the bugs are often left to decay, requiring a vacuum cleaner to remove them from the premises. Thus, prevention becomes the number one removal tool for boxelder bugs

To help prevent boxelder bugs and other pesky insects it is important to use all steps of the IPM program to keep the pests from entering in the first place. First, seal up all cracks and crevices that these bugs may use to enter your home. Next, avoid keeping doors open for long periods of time that may allow them enter easily. Additionally, pesticides can be applied outside the home to deter them from nearing an entry point.

Boxelder Bug Control Philadelphia

Another control method for boxelder bugs is to caulk cracks found along foundations, fixing broken window screens, sealing around door jams and plugging other cracks to stop the bugs from entering. Shady areas have been found to be less attractive to boxelder bugs, so try to focus on brightly lighted areas first.

Can Boxelder Bugs Bite

While boxelder bugs are not just a nuisance, but also a nuisance to remove, they are not known to sting, bite or transmit disease. However, there have been rare reports of them biting as a defense mechanism. Additionally, while their feces has been known to stain light colored surfaces in the home, they have not been found to be destructive to property.