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If you’ve woken up with your body covered in itchy red spots, chances are that you have a bed bug problem. Fortunately, with over two decades of experience, The Aardvark Pest Management is standing by, eager to help with any bed bug exterminator problems you may have!

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Bed Bugs Upper Darby

Exterminating bed bugs is one of The Aardvark’s main specialties. We are proud to offer thermal heating treatments that are powerful enough to exterminate bed bugs effectively without damaging any of your personal items. Additionally, with the help of Heidi, our bed bug sniffing dog, we are able to hunt bed bugs down and exterminate them even if they are hiding in the smallest of cracks.

Oftentimes, we are able to fully exterminate bed bugs in less than ten hours. This means that while you are at work, the crew at The Aardvark can seek and destroy all bed bugs while you’re away for the day and return to a clean, bed bug free home.

If you’re ready to end your bed bug problem once and for all, give us a call today at The Aardvark and a qualified technician would be more than happy to discuss your bed bug removal options in Upper Darby with you!

Bed Bug Exterminator in Upper Darby, PA

If you’ve ever been bitten by bed bugs, you can relate to how unpleasant the feeling can be. Leaving you itchy and agitated all day combined with the general feeling of uncleanliness, bed bugs can completely disrupt your mood. Luckily, The Aardvark Pest Management is the premier bed bug exterminator in the Upper Darby area.

Offering numerous types of bed bug extermination options, The Aardvark is able to quickly eradicate all bed bugs from your home and prevent them from ever coming back. After we provide a bed bug treatment, we require a mandatory recheck to ensure that the pests are dealt with and will not be returning to your home.

Bed Bug Removal Darby

If you live in an apartment building in the Upper Darby area and believe that bed bugs may be a concern, don’t hesitate to contact The Aardvark today. A friendly and professional technician will happily come to your place of residence and examine the bed bug problem you and your neighbors may be having. If bed bugs are indeed found, we will work with the surrounding tenants and landlord to effectively manage the bed bug problem so that they do not return in other areas of the building.

Integrated Pest Management

The Aardvark takes great pride in the IPM program that we have developed over the past few decades. We implement a combination of common sense practices and environmentally sensitive pest solutions that when used together, form a proactive defense barrier against bed bug infestations.

Our Integrated Pest Management Program is broken down into four steps:

    • Setting Action Thresholds

Before any extermination or pest control is implemented in your home, we first work directly with you, the customer, to determine what type of pest control problem you are having. If bed bugs are indeed found, we set an action threshold to determine whether or not control is needed.

    • Monitor Bed Bugs

After we have found bed bugs in your home we briefly monitor them and seek out any new populations within your home. This practice ensures that we find all of the bed bugs before we apply any treatments, meaning that we get all of them the first time.

    • Prevent Bed Bugs

Before we apply a treatment, we work with you to create preventive barriers between the bed bugs and your home. This step helps prevent bed bugs from re-entering and negating the need for an additional treatment down the road.

  • Control Bed Bugs
  • After we have identified bed bugs in your home and have taken the necessary steps to prevent them from returning, one of our qualified technicians will determine the best method of bed bug extermination for your home. Depending on the situation we may choose a thermal treatment or powders as individual situations can vary. Plus, with the help of Heidi, we are able to thoroughly check your entire home for the pests, making sure we find every last one of them.