Worst Bed Bug City” is an award that nobody will show up to receive. But while bed bugs are active in all 50 states, some urban areas see more infestations per year than others. Let’s look at the cities that are the unlucky winners for 2019:

#10: Phoenix, AZ, #9 Atlanta, GA, #8 Washington, DC, #7 Baltimore, MD, #6 New York, NY, #5 Cincinnati, OH, #4 Detroit, MI, #3 Chicago, IL, #2 Philadelphia, PA , #1 Columbus, OH

Columbus has retaken the rank of one of the worst bed bug cities in America. But with less population, less travel, and colder winters than many other cities on the list, how does Columbus keep coming up as number 1?

Like with other cities, the popularity of Columbus is definitely a factor. As one of the fastest-growing cities in North America, Columbus features both a bustling urban populace and a rapidly expanding metro area made up of suburban communities. This means that both urban pedestrians and local commuters face a risk of crossing paths with bed bugs in the city’s many public places.

While not as warm year-round as the southern bed bug cities on this list, Ohio’s capital still has long, hot, and muggy summers thanks to its humid continental climate. The average daily high is over 60 degrees Fahrenheit for more than half of the year, and the cold and dry winter period tends to come on gradually rather than snap in overnight. This works out favorably for bed bugs that have grown accustomed to the same temperatures that humans are comfortable in.

Article by: BedbugSupply.com