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What to Do if Your Dog Has Fleas?

Fleas are the number one cause of itching in dogs and although their bites will typically only lead to mild scratching, some dogs may develop dermatitis and a severe infestation can trigger anemia. Getting on top of a flea infestation is also important because these pests help to transmit tapeworms.

Managing an Infestation

If your dog has fleas the dark brown insects are usually easy to spot and you may also find white and black grains in their coat, which are flea eggs and fecal matter. To treat a case of fleas on your pet you should take the following steps:

  • Talk to your veterinarian about which flea treatment is right for your dog. Flea collars, sprays, shampoos, powders and treatments you apply to the back of their neck are all available, but vary in effectiveness. Generally, prescription products are more successful at treating an infestation than over the counter preparations.
  • As well as treating your infested dog, treat other dogs and cats in your household.
  • Once treated, consider a preventative prescription product to avoid further flea outbreaks.

Besides treating your pets for fleas, it is important to get rid of any fleas that may be lurking around your home. You can do this by:

  • Cleaning and vacuuming your whole house, including the dark hard to reach areas where fleas are most likely to hang out. Seek advice on safe products you can use in the home to eliminate fleas and their unhatched eggs.
  • Washing bedding, rugs, cushions and other fabrics that your dog has been in contact with.
  • Keeping grass in your yard short and applying an EPA-approved anti-flea product to your grass.
  • Continuing these steps for several months beyond seeing the last fleas to make sure they are completely eradicated.
  • The Aardvark are experts in removing fleas from homes, and commercial premises. If all that sounds like too much hard work, give us a call and we’ll be right out.

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