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Whether your pest control is big or small, The Aardvark has you covered. Founded in 1995 by Marty Overline, The Aardvark Pest Management is your premier exterminator in the Philadelphia area.

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Professional Pest Extermination in Philadelphia

The Aardvark Pest Management is a professionally and specialty trained, customer service driven Integrated Pest Management company that specializes in pest extermination for not only residential homes, but also office properties, educational institutions and health care facilities as well.

With over 2 decades of experience under our belt, we are fully qualified to help you solve any pest control problems you may be experiencing. The Aardvark also implements IPM, allowing us to stop pest problems before they occur, leaving our customers knowing that their pest control problems have been dealt with effectively and completely.

Pest Control Philadelphia Bed Bugs

If you ever wake up in the morning with small, red, itchy spots on your skin, chances are you have bed bugs. But, not to fear, The Aardvark is standing by and eager to help. With the help of Heidi, our specialty-trained bed bug sniffing dog, we can sniff out bed bugs anywhere in your home, right down to the smallest crevice. Mosquito Control in Philadelphia can be a tough bear to tackle, leave it to a pro and give The Aardvark a call today and leave your pest control worries in the past!

Additionally, with the help of IPM, we are able to implement preventative measures that help to ensure the bed bugs don’t return, leaving with you a safe peace of mind knowing that the pests have been dealt with permanently.

The Aardvark Pest Management
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Pest Control Technicians Philadelphia

The Aardvark is a family owned and operated extermination company based right in the heart of Philadelphia. We are capable of handling any type of pest, ranging from bed bugs and cockroaches to birds and raccoons.

If live animal trapping is a major concern for you, we can also easily trap a pesky animal and relocate them to a safe environment out of the city. A few of our natural pest control services include:

  • Live Animal Trapping
  • Animal Relocation
  • Sanitation Recommendations
  • Enact Preventative Measures

Exterminator in South Philadelphia

If you’re looking for a premier pest exterminator in the south Philly area, look no further. The Aardvark is your number one choice for all extermination needs. We cover all pests and environments, ranging from university cafeterias, office buildings, residential homes and everything else under the sun. Even if you need help with Ant Extermination in Philadelphia, The Aardvark is standing by and ready to eat up any pests you may be having problems with!

No matter if your pest extermination problems lie with bed bugs, rats, mice, bats or hedge hogs The Aardvark is standing by, waiting to help in any way possible. When you’re ready, pick up the phone today to speak directly with one of our technicians. We would be more than happy to come to your residence or place of business and draft up a custom tailored pest removal plan that will solve your pest problem once and for all.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management, also known as IPM, works as an effective and environmentally friendly way to deal with pest extermination in both residential and commercial environments. By combining many common-sense practices, The Aardvark Pest Management team is able to implement proactive pest management measures that work in harmony to stop pests from entering your home or place of business in the first place, eliminating the threat before it even became a problem. Even if you have Bed Bugs in Philadelphia, The Aardvark is standing by, ready to help!

Our unique IPM program works in 4 steps:

    • Action Thresholds

Before any of our team members take any action of pest removal we first work with you to set up an action threshold. This threshold designates how large a population of a specific pest must be in order for it to be considered as a threat. An example we commonly use is just because you have sighted a single ant does not mean you have an ant infestation problem and further actions would need to be taken before any treatments were initiated.

    • Pest Monitoring

After a pest threshold has been set, one of our professional technicians will work with you to monitor the pests (if any) and accurately identify their population to determine there is an actual pest control problem at hand.

    • Pest Control

The final step of our IPM program involves creating the correct treatment and control method after a pest control problem has been identified if preventive measures haven’t worked. Our professionally trained technicians are able to determine the best treatment method for your individual problem, ensuring that your pest control problem is dealt with effectively.