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Integrated Pest Management – The Aardvark Way!

Integrated Pest Management(IPM) has become the de facto standard for pest management in almost all American industries, including the so-called 14 critical infrastructures. These industries include Agriculture, Food Services, Public & Private Health, Emergency Services, Transportation and Education. IPM has evolved in application and effectiveness globally. Here are a few other additional facts:

IPM is Based on a Process

  • Identify the specific pests
  • Eradicate the Pests
  • Control the costs AND pests
  • Monitor results

IPM Today has become the Intelligent Option

In the 1990s over 4 billion toxic pesticide applications were made in the United States. The detrimental effect these had on the environment, both domestically and industrially, may never be fully known. IPM, on the other hand, focuses on the eradication of pests using a subtler process of identification, non-chemical treatment (whenever possible), baiting and exclusion. The logic is clear: poisonous material may or may not deal with the pests completely, but they certainly damage the ecosystem.

IPM and The Aardvark Pest Management

Marty Overline – the original Aardvark – became intimately involved with IPM in 1978 while serving in the US Air Force as an Entomology Engineer. There he developed what was originally just a concept into a full-blown pest management strategy which changed the way pest control was implemented. On discharged, he gained his recognition as a true leader in his field by introducing the strategy and tactics locally in Philadelphia. Pest management to The Aardvark means a holistic approach which maximizes effectiveness, minimizes environmental damage by using biological treatments, controls costs and provides statistical and technical data to assist clients in taking the correct steps to rectify weaknesses in infrastructure and operations.

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