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Cockroaches – Unwelcome Invaders

Cockroaches are unwelcome invaders in our homes, restaurants, businesses, schools and hospitals. In Philadelphia the most common species encountered are the American, Oriental and German cockroaches. That’s just three of more than 4,000 different cockroach species! Here is more enlightening cockroach information:

Cockroaches are Everywhere!

Just like the bedbug, they are survivors extraordinaire. But, unlike the bedbug, roaches are predominantly interested in places of poor sanitation and disposal of food waste. That said, once cockroaches gain access to even the cleanest environments, they are adapt scavengers and can find food in the most unlikely scenarios. They will hunt for carbohydrates and sugar mercilessly.

Cockroaches are Tactile

Cockroaches are attracted to any crack or flaw in walls, flooring and underfloor drains… they prefer the feel of surfaces on their bodies, and the tighter the better. The German cockroach can fit into a space thinner than the side of a dime, and the American roach into a space no thicker than the side of a quarter.

Cockroaches are Permanent

No matter what we do, they are not going anywhere. They’ve been around for more than 300 million years and are the ultimate survivors in the animal world. Cockroaches love to eat, but can go excessive amounts of time without food and can even survive without their head. Bacteria inside roaches help them manufacture amino acids and vitamins from just about any food source.

Cockroaches are Anti-Bacterial

Paradoxically, the filth they call home has helped them evolve a defense system against bacteria and parasites. Research has confirmed that contact with the nervous systems remains of a cockroach is lethal to MRSA and other microbial pathogens. They are harvested for this reason in China.

Integrated Pest Management Techniques

Integrated Pest Management Techniques implemented by The Aardvark will both prevent infestation and deal with an existing problem. Cockroaches do not respond well to over the counter or do it yourself techniques. If you suspect an issue please reach out to The Aardvark immediately.

Common-Sense Strategies:

Clean up and remove all traces of food from kitchens and dining areas. Keep cereals and other sugar-laden items in sealed containers. Keep trash cans clean and recyclables rinsed with water. Use plastic bags (not paper) to store food waste. Seal up cracks in floors and walls. Make sure all drains are regularly inspected and cleaned. Promptly fix any plumbing issues, particularly around toilet areas.

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