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Bed Bugs – The New Local Celebrities!

Bed Bugs, in recent times, have attained celebrity status if measured by news and media coverage, and most hated status if measured by the annoyance and anguish they cause. Here are several fascinating facts you probably don’t know about bed bugs:

Bed Bugs are Resilient

Never underestimate the pest. Though less active in winter months, they can survive at close to freezing temperatures and up to 122 degrees. Because of this, attempting home remedies is almost always futile.

They Truly are Global Citizens

Nymths having feeded

Nymths having feeded

They can live ANYWHERE that humans inhabit, work or play. They got their name because of where they like the best. Homes, offices, schools, hospitals and hotels are all ‘at risk’ for bed bug activity. It only takes a few bedbugs to grow into a thriving infestation.

They are Infiltrators

Bed Bugs are clever and clandestine operators with habitual and instinctive behavior. They know when you are sleeping (by the carbon dioxide you exhale) and they know when you are awake, taking to well-protected hiding spots. They use this time to digest blood and lay more eggs. Our bed bug detection dog, Heidi, helps locate even the most well-concealed bed bugs through her keenly-trained nose.

They Ignore Social and Financial Demographics

No one is immune or ‘above’ a bed bug threat. They do not care where they latched onto your clothing or suitcase. Once they are there, their only duty is to survive and procreate.

Bed Bugs are Long Lived

Twelve months without feeding is not uncommon. So, at first signs of a problem, reach out to The Aardvark for immediate rectification.

They Ignore Cleanliness

Bed Bugs have no preference for messy or dirty environments over spotlessly clean situations like hospitals or the most pristine of homes. They have evolved totally to suck and procure blood and prefer human targets regardless of where the opportunity presents.

Follow these quick tips to keep bed bugs at bay:

  • Inspect your hotel or rental room – paying attention to the bed itself. Remove the blankets and checking behind the headboards
  • Never place your luggage ont he bed and keep it elevated; away from wall boards or walls
  • Do not be shy about asking for a room change at even the suspicion of an issue. The room next door may be infested as well.
  • Keep all unwashed clothing in a plastic bag until laundered. Check your bags BEFORE bringing them inside. If possible, vacuum them outside.

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