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Bed bug protocol in apartment complexes – Part 1

Mattress load with Bed bugsThis  bed bug guidelines should help apartment managers  recognize and deal with bed bug outbreaks and to minimize future bed bug problems.

  • Do not “blame” or stigmatize tenants whom you suspect have brought in bed bugs.
  • Do not try for control “on the cheap.” Successful control of bed bugs may require multiple visits by a professional pest management company, often employing a variety of control techniques and includes inspections of, and sometimes service in, units adjacent to the infested one.
  • Do not require tenants to throw out beds, furniture, or personal possessions in order to get rid of bed bugs. Such measures can be costly and may not help control the problem.
  • Do not simply move tenants to a new apartment to solve bed bug problems.
  • Do not try to control bed bugs without an experienced professional.
  • Do not ignore apartments adjacent to those with a bed bug problem. 
  • Do not rent a previously infested apartment unit until reasonably sure that the bed bugs have been eliminated and all old evidence of bed bugs has been removed.

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