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Mosquito Control in Philadelphia

Are those pesky mosquitos ruining your outdoor time for yet another? Mosquitos are one of the most commonly complained about pests during the summer months, leaving itchy bumps on their victims and making annoying buzzing sounds in our ears. Thankfully, The Aardvark is standing by and the entire team is ready to help with any mosquito control problems you may be having.

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Mosquito Control Philadelphia

With the threat of West Nile and other diseases becoming more and more of a health risk for your family and pets it is becoming increasingly important to protect against mosquitos in your living area. Most mosquito problems tend to stem from backyards as they are typically the perfect habitat for mosquitos; warm and moist.

The Aardvark Pest Management team is available to come directly to your home and discuss our options of mosquito control in Philadelphia with you personally. We can help to stop the mosquito life cycle by finding and neutralizing where the mosquitos live and breed, reducing the risk of them being able to spread infectious diseases to your loved ones.

Mosquito Control Systems

Our technicians work directly with you to seek out the conditions that invite mosquitos into your yard as well as working to stop current infestations. We look to focus on the areas of your property that are most likely to feed and harbor mosquitos such as items that can hold water and provide good habitat for their growth.

We also deploy Integrated Pest Management into our assessment of your mosquito control Philadelphia PA problem. By actively assessing where the pest is coming from and implementing methods to stop their reproduction and reentry onto the property we are able to reduce the need for application of chemicals and other physical deterents. Because we use these industry-leading techniques, The Aardvark has transformed into the premier Exterminator in Philadelphia.

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Home Mosquito Control

With the mosquito being one of the most deadly animals in the world, why wait any longer to get The Aardvark’s premier Mosquito Control service to your backyard? With just a single bite deadly diseases such as West Nile, Malaria and Encephalitis can wreak havoc on your family’s health, putting everybody at risk.

Make sure to fill in any low-lying areas that may hold water, making an easy place for mosquitos to breed. If you have a pool, ensure that the water is clean as mosquitos like to hang out in dirty water that is great for breeding. Mosquitos are also often found living in tall grass, so make sure that you keep your lawn mowed regularly to reduce the ability for mosquitos to breed and prosper.

If you feel like you’re getting nowhere with mosquito control, Philadelphia’s premier mosquito control agency is standing by. Simply use the contact us page to get ahold of us via email or pick up the phone now and a representative will be out to your location shortly to fully assess your mosquito control needs. If you ever encounter a wasp nest around your home, take care not upset the pests anymore than they already are and give us a call for Wasp Removal in Philadelphia.

Mosquito Control Tips

An easy way to help control the mosquito population on your property is to reduce the standing water that is available for mosquitos to breed in. Common places to check for standing water would be in your kids’ sandbox, inside of wagons and other toys and around downspouts, gutters and tarps. Removing extra grass clippings, leaves and firewood can also help to remove mosquito habitat from your property, making it less likely for breeding to occur.

Additionally, you can turn over any items that may hold water in the event of rain or watering. Items to check include plastic pools, bird baths, tarps and other children’s toys.