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Ant Extermination in Philadelphia

Whether your problem lies with black ants, fire ants, acrobat ants or even carpenter ants The Aardvark has you covered. Our expertly trained team of exterminators will come directly to your location to discuss your ant infestation problems with you personally and create a custom solution that not only removes the ants from your location but also stops them from returning again.

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Ant Identification & Control

Ants tend to enter through the smallest cracks, looking for water and sweet foods in kitchens and pantry areas. They also leave invisible pheromone trails that indicate to other ants they have found food and should follow, making it easy for entire colonies (some as large as 500,000 ants!) to find their way into your establishment.

If you believe you have a problem with an ant infestation and need help with ant extermination in Philadelphia don’t hesitate to drop a line to the team at The Aardvark Pest Management. Our staff is not only expertly trained in how to remove ants from your property but they are also experts in Integrated Pest Management. IPM allows for the prevention of ants from entering your home or business and stops them from becoming a problem in the first place.

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Ant Extermination Methods

Because ants are tiny, they can find thousands of small entrances into your home. If you have a residential ant infestation it is often due to food scraps being available for ants to eat or generally a lack of upkeep around the home. If you believe you have found the entrance for the ants you can attempt to use calk to physically seal off the point of entry. Another trick would be to spray vinegar along the point of entry as this can sometimes deter ants from entering your living space.

While insecticides are commonly used for Ant Extermination Philadelphia there are also other ways to deal with the pests without the need of chemicals. Dish soap has been found to also deter ants from wanting to gain access into your property and if you don’t like the smell of vinegar you can try using lemon juice around the perimeter of your building to deter ants from entering. Additionally, if you need help with Flea Extermination in Philadelphia, The Aardvark is standing by to help with any pest extermination problems you may have.

Ant Removal from Home

Ant infestations in your home can either be a year-round or seasonal issue. If ants have found a way to build their nest within the confines of your home you are certainly much more likely to have a year round infestation problem, but if they have their nest outside and are coming inside for food they are likely to be just a seasonal problem.

Our expertly trained pest management technicians are able to quickly and effectively determine the exact point of entry of the ants in your home and draft a comprehensive IPM strategy that will remove the ants from your home and stop them from coming back. Recommendations may include drastic measures such as a deep cleaning of your house or simply moving your garbage bin to a different location such that the ants can’t access it.

Ant Extermination Pet Safe

The Aardvark Pest Management team is happy to work with you to provide ant extermination service in Philadelphia that is safe for your pets. Our professionally trained service men are able to quickly and appropriately diagnose your ant infestation problem and create solutions that solve your ant problem while still leaving a safe and habitable living zone for your beloved pets.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is often used when pets are a main priority in the extermination of ants. It is made up of fossilized diatoms that have been ground down into a powder. Once the ants cross the power their exoskeleton is ripped open, causing them to dry out and eventually die. Often times Mosquito Control in Philadelphia goes hand in had with Ant Extermination.