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Mouse Exterminator Bensalem PA

The house mouse – cute to some, disgusting to others. Whatever your particular feelings towards this little pest, there’s no doubt that having them in your home or business is not an appealing idea. A mouse infestation is unhygienic and dangerous, potentially causing health hazards for your family and serious structural damage to your property. If you see signs of a mouse infestation or mouse nest, call a Mouse Exterminator Bensalem PA.

Mice gnaw on all kinds of materials, ruining furniture, appliances, and even cables. Having mice chewing on your electrics can make your home very unsafe, increasing the risk that someone will get electrocuted or that the property will catch fire. Mice also contaminate food, spreading diseases such as typhoid.

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For business owners, mice can be a total nightmare. Especially if you run a restaurant or cafe in Bensalem. A mouse infestation makes the premises hygienic, scares away customers, and can even force a permanent or temporary closure, just like this local Carrabba’s in 2010. If you spot signs of rodents in your business, call a Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania today, before it damages your reputation and sales.

Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania

A professional Mouse Exterminator Bensalem PA is the best way of dealing with a mouse infestation. The Aardvark Pest Management offer great results when it comes to tackling all sizes of infestation in domestic and business properties across Philadelphia. With our experienced and qualified staff, we’ll be able to send over a Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania that can get the job done cleanly and safely.

We will visit your property and inspect it for signs of rodent infestation. Once we have established the scale of the mouse nest, we’ll talk you through the best solution, so you understand exactly what we plan to do. We are always careful to ensure that any pest removal we carry out is completely safe for your family and any pets you may have.

Mouse Exterminator Bensalem PA

The Aardvark Pest Management are fully insured and licensed exterminators, with a team of staff licensed and trained to our high standards. We deal with all kinds of pests, from cockroaches and hornets to mice and rat extermination Bensalem, so we have plenty of experience not only in dealing with infestations, but also of providing a great service to our customers.

There are many ways we can deal with your mice infestation. Traps are a non-lethal way of dealing with rodents, which allows us to capture them alive and relocate them somewhere they won’t be able to bother anyone’s homes or businesses.

Mouse poison is one of the most effective ways of dealing with a large infestation. We place packets of poison pellets where tracks show us the mice regularly travel in your home. The mice take these pellets back to the mouse nest, believing them to be food. We then clear away all the dead mice  something that can be hard to do yourself.

Preventing Mice Infestations in Bensalem

It is much easier, and less disruptive all round, for you to prevent mice from nesting in your home or business to begin with than having to call a Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania. Simple routines at your business, and a few small changes at home can help to reduce the chance of a mouse nest. Not leaving food scraps lying around is one simple way of making your home less appealing to rodents.

Being very small – around fifteen centimeters, and weighing only 28 grams – mice can get into your property through tiny cracks and holes. Cracks in your walls, especially near the foundations, provide mice with an easy way of entering your home. These need to be sealed off, as do any large holes through which cables run. Mice are also good climbers and fast runners, so may even make the most of open doors and windows to enter. Keep these closed, or install screens if you like to have them open for long periods of time. Mice are most active at night, so this is the most important time to ensure all doors and windows are shut or screened off.

Mice like to nest in forgotten corners, such as in stacked boxes, the backs of cupboards, old furniture and piles of clothes. Make sure you regularly inspect and clean these areas so that mice aren’t able to sneak in. Making sure to keep your house clean and tidy will prevent the build-up of hair (which rodents could use as nesting material) and food crumbs. Pay attention to the street or area outside of your home for any litter or trash that could be attracting rodents. People across Philadelphia take part in the Great American Cleanup every year, so if mice are a big problem in your area, why not take part with some of your friends and neighbors?

Integrated Pest Management for Mice

As well as offering a Mouse Exterminator Bensalem PA service, we also provide Integrated Pest Management. This is where we identify areas of your home or business that could potentially attract pests, and create a plan of action for addressing these concerns. It is far easier to prevent a mouse infestation in the first place than it is to remove one, so talk to us about it today. We can provide you with a thorough plan to follow that ensures you are doing everything you can to keep your home or business mouse free. If followed correctly, it greatly reduces your chances of having to resort to calling a Mouse Exterminator Pennsylvania.