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At The Aardvark, we take every precaution necessary to ensure that the patients you serve within your facility are well protected from chemical exposure while still eradicating pests. Every pesticide we use is EPA registered, meaning that there are no surprises when it comes to the treatment of your facility that you work so hard to maintain.


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Individual Pest Solutions for Individual Pest Problems

We realize that not every job is the same, so why treat everybody with the same cookie cutter solution that everybody else offers? We take great pride in individually assessing each and every one of our clients’ needs on a personal basis and taking the time to draft a plan that is custom tailored to their exact problem. This extra attention to detail culminates in an effective plan that not only solves our clients’ pest infestation problem directly but also prevents future infestations


Pest Management Services that Fit Your Needs

Whether your facility has a rodent, insect or bed bug issue The Aardvark is standing by. We offer a variety of services including rodent and insect control, enzyme treatments, fly control programs and much more. Additionally, our specially crafted Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) helps protect your facility and patients while reducing need for chemical treatments. By focusing on a cycle of facility maintenance and cleanliness we are able to help you keep pests away for time to come, maximizing your protection and limiting your exposure.

How Integrated Pest Management can Help YOU

By implementing a properly designed IPM Program you are putting yourself on the fast track to an effective and environmentally responsible approach to pest management. By first setting action thresholds and monitoring and identifying these pests, preventative actions can then be made to counter the infestation. Preventative measures may include managing the surrounds of your facility to stop pests from becoming a threat before the situation gets out of hand.

If monitoring, identification and action thresholds indicate that actual pest control is necessary AND preventative measures are not effective we then begin to evaluate the control method that best suits your needs for both risk and effectiveness. We first begin to treat with less risky tactics such as using pheromones to stop pest mating or possibly even time-tested physical trapping as a means to remove the pests from your facility. If these methods fail to provide the desired results, the next step of measure would including the targeted spraying of pesticides to eradicate the pest from your treatment facility.