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20 Most Informative Blogs for Gardeners with Pest Problems

Here at The Aardvark, we have assembled a list of the top twenty most informative blogs and websites from around the internet for gardeners suffering from pest problems. These authoritative authors in their respective fields discuss natural ways to deal with pest control problems in an organic sense that is environmentally sensitive and ecologically responsible. All of the blogs we mention are worth checking out, even if the title doesn’t relate specifically to the pest control problem you may be having.

  • Renee's gardening blog covers varieties that are special to home gardeners, featured vegetables that are big on flavor and easy to grow. Additionally, she has put together a great resource to help control pests in gardens via an environmentally sensitive approach.



The winners of these awards were selected by an external team and chosen due to exceptional content, audience engagement and uniqueness of their perspective in the natural pest management niche.